How To Plan A Strategy Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content Marketing can increase traffic to a website and get more engagement. Wondering how to improve? Let’s find out together!

You’re creating some fantastic lyrics, but you feel you want? The answer too many of your questions is the Visual Content Marketing, and we explain why today. The images and video have become the universal language to communicate a message, just think that social networks are virtually inundated by visual revolution and manage to allow the creation of a more engaging communication for brands. Because the images are important to your content strategy? Here are some reasons …

  • Statistics say that 90% of information transmitted via images are remembered more easily by the human brain;
  • Human brain processes mean that we visualize 60,000 times faster than the images;
  • The things we see have a profound effect on us;
  • The images will get more visits, likes, shares;
  • In social networks, the engagement rate increases when there are visual content.

Therefore, here are some tips to plan a strategy Visual Content Marketing really effective.

Identify the goals of your strategy Visual Content Marketing

First, you must understand why you want to use the visual content, how they will improve our content strategy and what you want to achieve. The possible answers are varied, including: educating readers; increase the engagement; promote their brand; improve the service offered to the customer; get more traffic to the website. To get started then analyzes the content you’ve published so far to figure out which has performed better and what was the overall impact in your marketing strategy. Content creation has brought you the most comments, profits, conversions or other significant actions. To track this information, you can use Google Analytics and make your ratings.

Also the statistics currency

There are some tricks to optimize content. Check out this chart …

Visual Content Marketing
Image Source: Google Image

From this study, it becomes clear that the use of images or photos play a vital role in a strategy of marketing. 65% of executives believe that the images, videos, infographics and illustrations are essential to communicate their brand story to the public. 73% of content creators gives importance to the implementation of truly engaging visuals.

Give your readers a break “visual”

Your images are like oxygen for your visual content marketing strategy. But let your users can breathe to feel encouraged to read more. You know when you write a text and you have to leave pauses to allow the reader to stop and then move on? It happens the same with the photos you post. Also, do not forget you enter the alt tag in your images: in this way search engines will index the images and users will find your website through a targeted keyword search. Finally, when you enter the visual content in a text, make sure that the latter is not going to overwhelm the images. It has been tested by a well-known psychologist that when we read fewer characters next to an image, the text there is more smooth and easy to read. A large portion of people do not like reading, but “scan”. Add some variations changing fonts or inserting bold, so that your images and texts can be scanned by the public.

Post high-quality images

To capture the first of a user’s gaze and invite him to stay, remember to use the images with short text to describe your content. Choose the style you want to apply to your image and uniform your entire visual strategy. The images you post on your social feeds are very important, since these depend on the image of your brand. It is therefore essential to customize your photos using a style, a font and a more consistent color palette. Users also like to read the text overlaid on the images, in fact, this practice is becoming increasingly common. Obviously, the two elements must be absolutely balanced.

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Visual Content Marketing: Identifies the trend to wow audiences

A directional edge will cause you to gain greater engagement on social networks. Make sure your little target audience to make sure that your users are always ready to welcome your new ideas. For example, GIF are now super popular among users of Facebook. With tools like GIPHY, GIMP, you can upload your own GIF images quickly and easily. Make your more smiling and make them feel lighter users with a fun and never boring content. Give them a reason to get in touch with you or hand getting to find.

Even the videos have so much more to say, the statistics show that the short videos they get 40% more engagement. You could present daily problems and show how your products provide a solution. Make sure at first that your videos are inspiring and motivating your audience, otherwise your work will become completely useless.

If you want to increase traffic to the website, try to invest in the construction of infographics. It may sound complicated, but provide little information quickly has a visual impact and very significant economic return. The infographics should include the colors and fonts you choose for your brand and must have the right shape. Make sure all your information is brief but accurate and that therefore make a significant contribution to the subject information. Finally, share them on social networks to increase traffic to the site.

Another way to provide an unforgettable experience to your user is to create a photo gallery. People need to see what you offer to believe in what you’re writing; It helps you to describe your products or services and the goal you want to reach. In addition, you can also place links to take users from an image to a specific landing page.

Visual Content Marketing
Image Source: Google Image

Use social platforms to implement your strategy Visual Content Marketing

Promote your visual content across multiple social as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Keep in mind that your content goes hand in hand with nature, the type and significance of the platform you are using.

SlideShare: SlideShare LinkedIn owns and is used by millions of well-known brands to share their information and to communicate with customers. Make sure that the slide contains the logo of your brand and custom images. For businesses, it is also a lead generation tool.

Pinterest: Pinterest helps you be organized with a visual approach. Help your content to be visible and become viral on social. Include the image inside the board that you’ve made to talk about that particular topic. The people will interact with you reprimand and commenting.

Facebook: An article with image, Facebook gets 64.9% more engagement than one without. Do not think only to sponsor, relevant and compelling make your content otherwise there is no budget to hold.

Twitter: Twitter thinks there are 277,000 tweets per second, how can your content stand out? Find the right visual lever, which may be capable of capturing users attention.

Instagram: Exceeded 300 million users at the end of 2014, and every day, an average of 70 million photos are published and shared. There is no better way to push their visual communication.

You can continue to learn by listening to the leading experts in each of the digital sector. You will know about all issues related to Visual Content Marketing, from analysis, through social networks, up to Visual Storytelling.

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