How to simplify your marketing

I love marketing, especially the one applicable on the web. But the more I go on the more I see that things get complicated, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to stay behind the trends, stay behind all the new technologies that promise to raise the fate of strategies made irrelevant because of the use of mass.

A business is in itself challenging, you become an entrepreneur to be free, but in most cases that freedom means working more than before and we also want to put this increasingly complicated marketing?

That’s why I wrote this article. Complicate your life does not help anyone, especially if you’re in the range of solopreneur, or the web entrepreneur who does a bit of everything, without spending expensive consultations and without hiring employees.

Online marketing, especially for those who are passionate, can be a vortex that sucks and creates work without producing results if you do not lend the right attention.

So here are 4 steps to find the simplicity without giving up new strategies, but working so that they do not suck us into their complicated and misleading world of trends and technology.

1) Align your focus again

Sometimes it is good to review the lesson. You know, information travels on the web at the speed of light, but the growth of an entrepreneur also goes in the same direction.

After 4-6 months of your last analysis, some things may have changed. First and foremost the way to see the market, your ability to look deeply in addition to the feedback received that make you understand a myriad of things.

Redone the questions that led you to create your business:

  • What is my ideal client? Which market is part of?
  • What is my goal? What do I want to achieve?
  • What works now? Which strategy is having less changes over time?

Redo these questions can open your eyes. You can extract information that you’ve never imagined before. You can understand that your thinking has changed compared to before, even if a few months have passed.

Realigning the target is something that many companies do as they grow and gain experience. And this kills hope marketing, the marketing that only makes you hope to achieve results, leading you to turn your attention to the right audience, that particular slice of that particular market that is willing to spend to buy your products or services.

Same for the goals. It is very easy to lose focus, to get away easily from what is our main goal.

simplify your marketing
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Focus on a certain goal and stop thinking about others, because not only will produce more results but will be able to teach you to handle more things at the same time (thanks to automation marketing that can be applied on the web of course). And then you have to follow the simplest way possible. Follow what works.

If for example you are developing your presence on Facebook but without results, it would be better to focus on what is currently making you profit.

It is very true, a certain strategy needs time before bringing results and it is necessary to develop it well before deciding whether it is working or not.

But as we will say later, doing one thing at a time is essential to grow in the right way, without complicating life and bringing results even while we do all our various tests.

2) Do one thing at a time

Be everywhere. When someone said this sentence (I do not know who first sincerely) my eyes opened wide because there could not be a better (and shorter) phrase to express the concept of online branding.

The problem is management. It ‘s true, if you are everywhere your brand will benefit but at what cost? Do we really have to work for years on the online presence to create a salary?

Are we crazy? Do we want to go broke?

The right attitude and the right management is one step at a time. If you are thrilled to try out a new strategy on Pinterest as new LinkedIn Ads are OK, but develop them one at a time.

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Your brain and your energy will not manage many things at once, it would not be human. And you can not imagine how it can be formative to develop one thing at a time.

As you apply a new strategy or insert your Brand into a new social channel you will see your Business solidify day after day and you will learn how to manage online work in the right way without overdoing it and, in the meantime, benefiting from the advantages not from the strategy itself, but from the way you’ve managed it.

3) Clean your message

Let’s find out the cards from … we do not tell lies and we are honest with ourselves. When we create a sales page or a squeeze page, what we do is develop it in a day or anyway in a short period, not in 6 months …

But in 6 months your point of view, the way you communicate could have changed, or rather it could have evolved.

So every once in a while it would be really healthy to take a look at the work previously done and see if we have to change the shot, if we have to change a sentence that, at that moment, was the best we could get out of our mind.

simplify your marketing
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Simplifying marketing also means correcting our message, cleaning it, making it clearer, making it more specific.

Not to mention our vision. The more we go on the more we know the market and this creates in our mind an even more specific and target message.

To transmit our message by sharing our vision, our belief is essential to build a strong brand and convince the people that you know your business.

4) Organize, delegate, automate

One of the most beautiful things about online marketing and also one of the reasons why entrepreneurs see the internet as a gold mine is the ability to automate almost everything.

Making expensive, time-consuming tasks takes life to be simpler and allows us to stay focused on what really needs to be optimized at that time, while technology takes care of getting our work done in other environments.

The classic example is the presence on Social that can be automated and programmed with Buffer or Hootsuite or even better, but only for Facebook, with PostPlanner.

If you want to better understand how to organize your work and make it as automatic as possible, download the IM ToolBox online toolbox.

And we want to talk about the organization? Many entrepreneurs produce 10% of what they could produce in a working day simply because they do not know how to organize themselves.

And do you want to know the truth? Neither am I so good at organizing my workday. For this I use software like Trello and Asana that also allow me to keep organized communication and tasks with my team.

Furthermore, delegating tasks that are not our forte and which could waste precious time on us can be wasteful at the beginning, but over time will shorten the time it takes to implement and therefore the time we need to reach profit.

Delegate everything you think is not suitable for your skills and take advantage of the knowledge of others to cut the time and do not become entangled in things that make you lose a mountain of temp or without obtaining a satisfactory result.


By simplifying your marketing, you will simplify your life and clean the way you apply to work, making it more productive and more profitable.

And this article was born from my customers who made me understand how they have the skills to carry on an online business but do not know how to approach the work and the way to really grow an activity.

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