How to start saving from your first paycheck

Start saving from your first salary is not as difficult as you think. Although your work will not offer salary of your dreams, you have an opportunity to save some money for emergencies.

Do not deny it, have total power over your decisions is what we’ve waited since you can remember. But it also implies a responsibility administrate to pay your food properly, your tastes, income and others.

SavingHere we leave 3 tips for not stay poor at the end of the fortnight:

# 1. Create a budget and stick

To create your budget, the 80/20 rule applies: use 80% of your salary for daily personal and saving the remaining 20% ​​needs.

Make a point list and how much do you need to spend your money each month, such as rent, food or transportation.

Find ways to reduce your expenses, if you can use public transportation or prepare your own food at home, you’ll have more money for other things.

Another basic point: not assign a lot of money in your budget to outputs or shopping. Choose well your priorities!

# 2. At the beginning of the fortnight, ‘blocks’ your money

Saving is not fun and it takes time to see results. Like everything else, what really worth is not easy or quick.

To make saving a habit, apply from the first day that you receive your salary. If you wait longer, it is likely that the weekend that crosses or do you spend on unnecessary things easy. It will be even easier if you automatically assign save 20% of your income to a special account.

Check out these saving methods (there are some very funny)

# 3. Respect your shopping lists

Whether you go to the supermarket or to buy clothes, make a list and stick to it. Follow tricks like just hanging out with the money for this or that garment or buy your groceries when you’re not hungry.

Since you start making your own money, sure they will approach many banks offer a credit card. Before you say yes, compare all the options, questions conditions, interest rates and other questions you have.

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