How to use strategic partnerships to accelerate business growth

Currently more than 95% of employers do not provide a strategic alliance as an option of accelerated growth for the company, which is mainly due to mistrust or insecurity to share your information with third parties outside the company, to even think that strategic alliances are only focused on big business, which is not so; Partnerships are a reality that must be maximized.

Business growth
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Here are four powerful strategies to accelerate the growth of your business through alliances…

Share resources: Use that idle capacity may have on facilities, equipment, and even personnel shared basis, the effectiveness of organizations multiply through better use of resources, often we have costs in facilities or equipment which are not used in large periods of time, sharing resources or make a purchase or lease an ally, your costs of these resources can decrease by 50%

Diversify your products and / or services: Through a partnership you can offer complementary products that currently offer, where not only fail to give negative customers requesting a product or service that is not within your range, but will take advantage that negotiation to include your own products, and the best part is that this does not imply an investment or risk capital needed to develop these additional products internally.

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Team up with a supplier or distributor, in this way availability or cost of raw materials as well as new distribution channels for your products or services.

Share risks: A strategic alliance offers activities ranging from new product development to create new technologies, same that would be too costly and risky to perform them yourself.

Following these 4 simple steps will assure that you will achieve rapid growth have your company. With these strategies and your preparation as an entrepreneur you can predictably achieve 50% increase in profits in less than a year. Only require to make a decision, follow these steps and train yourself as an entrepreneur to grow your business.

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