How to use the “Sympathy” in the Online Marketing

Marketers argue in fact very often to retry Social and scarcity, but much more rarely … Sympathy, the rating (which we can try against something or someone).

Yet the “Liking” is powerful. In fact, we prefer to “say yes” to those who know, and those we love. We are also more likely to favor those who are physically attractive, who is like us, or who he compliments us.

There are studies that have even shown that we tend to prefer people with a name similar to ours, or that “sounds” very similar.

It is often the example of Tupperware Party. In practice, the hostess invites friends at their home, where a well-known brand representative praises the goodness of their products. The psychologist points out that women decide to purchase items not so much because they find them interesting, or because the representative has shown convincing: they buy them because they know and appreciate the hostess, and feel somewhat obligated to buy some product from them.

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But we cannot speak of “Liking” without introducing the concept of “Transaction Status”, which in a nutshell is divided into two points …

  1. I am a person of a state superior to yours.
  2. You can improve your status thanks to me, why do you identify for me and I can help you “level up”.

A typical example is that of the car salesman: one side is well dressed, perhaps with an expensive watch, things that are trying to communicate a state higher than its counterpart. On the other side still try to get in tune with the customer, look for points of contact and similarity, in some places it flatters. And in this way it is able to close the sale.

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Even in the world of entertainment we can see applied this principle. Many men love the character of James Bond because they see it as an “improved version” of themselves. But they can not identify with certain exaggerated cinematic heroes, because they find them too perfect, far, far away from reality, without defect.

In short, we like characters to which we think we can eventually arrive, and not those who know are unattainable.

In summary, we can decline the “Liking” in these 5 points…

  1. Attraction: The thing is true not only from the standpoint of “physical”. For example, you can get excellent results by making your site attractive, impactful, beautiful to see and enjoy.
  2. Similarity: The feeling of similarity may result from common interests, personality, opinions. Related and identified themselves with your audience, try to understand – and then meet – the needs of your users. Behaved more like a friend than as a brand.
  3. Congratulations: We like to receive praise, and we tend to appreciate those who have to give. Sometimes you just say “thank you” to get the sympathy of those who follow you.
  4. Contact and cooperation: Fighting for the same causes for which are fighting your customers. The best way to build a good relationship and a good feeling is to feel part of the same team.
  5. Conditioning and association: Think of the use product placement, which has always been used by the big brands to promote it on TV or in many films. Often this connection between the person and the product is not even logical, but the important thing is to resonate as a positive in the observer.

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