Investing abroad, advice on investment opportunities with the best!

Lately it is very fashionable to invest abroad. The reasons for this fashion are derived from different situations, which have been created in recent years.

Compared to our country, many foreign countries have a growth forecast significantly higher than those provided by us! This means that any company, or investment property in these countries, has an expected higher profitability!

InvestmentIn this short article I want to make a brief review of the various “foreign” so that you yourself, in this way, can I formed an idea of ​​where maybe you could agree to do more than your investment in this precise historical moment.


These countries have the great advantage of being close to the wealthy European countries and, consequently, develop thanks to the work those Europe “classical” moves towards them…

This means that in the future their economies grow more markedly than those of Western Europe.

Surely investment industrial can get them easily, but you do not recommend investing in real estate as manage the property away from home is always very complex and too risky!

South America

They have the same characteristic of the Eastern European countries, because they are geographically strategic than the US.

In particular I find very interesting Mexico, as bordering on the United States of America and is politically stable.

Instead, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia have their presence in raw materials to be exploited, vast territories to be cultivated, an ideal climate for tourism and policies that seem to have stabilized permanently.

In any case, as usual, I will not recommend the real estate unless it can rely on a guardian of great faith and living in the area!


After a decade of gold fever in Asia, many have realized that, to resided accounts, this is not much of a perspective…

In China, for example, they were formed about 80 million new Western practice of people who live and consume Western-style and there are others who would like becoming startlingly 60/70 million. However, the famous half billion people that were to become West do not see…

… Or at least, you do not see the rate of growth that was hoped for!

It is not that you cannot see because they still did not succeed but for the simple reason that he does not care, it is not in their culture, and probably will not be for several more decades (if not centuries). This is why many Western companies, who have invested there, you are finding in severe economic crises.

He is already starting a counter-exodus to the West, and more specifically towards Eastern Europe and South America, who instead lifestyles of the consumer type much like our own.

So, ultimately, my advice is not to invest in Asia in any form except depolarization still expected to grow in the medium to long term.


Speaking to invest abroad so profitable (and not for pretty much “humanitarian”), then we leave then lose African countries!

Among constant coups, perpetual lack of infrastructure, low education and birth rates are too high, there are no positive developments for at least the next 50 years (being optimistic!).

Middle East

Lately many states Middle East are trying to “reinvent”. Just to name a few: Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and so on. However, to want to be realistic, all these efforts have proved virtually useless!

It does not grow anything really important, the weather is too hot, their religious culture certainly does not help and, when oil production will tend to decline, these countries nontransferable along with it.

Ultimately, the only areas in the world where you should invest abroad, if you search for yields and favorable prospects in the long run, they are definitely the East Europe and South America.


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