Is Your IT Support Company the Right Fit for Your Business?

Information technology is vitally important to the majority of businesses in todays increasingly digital world.

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Outsourcing of business processes is becoming more common, with the most commonly outsourced elements being Finance and IT.

Is your existing IT support right for my business?

There are a number of key areas that you should look at to ensure that your provider is giving you what you need.

1. Do They Provide More Than Just Service and Repair?

Is your provider proactive when it comes to passing on new solutions to your business as soon as they become available? Are they able to offer strategic advice and do they have a good understanding of your business?

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2. What Other Clients Do They Have?

Many technology requirements are sector-specific, so ideally you should work with a company that has other clients in your sector. If they do, they are likely to offer you the most appropriate solutions. If not, perhaps they are lacking in expertise and may not understand the concerns/pain points in your sector.

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3. Can They Deal with Business Growth?

You don’t want your IT support company to hold you back. You need to make sure they have the capacity to deal with significant growth should it occur. The larger your business gets, the more you will need to rely on technology and the more complex your needs will become.

4. Do They Have Robust Management/Processes?

Are they reliable and will they stick to their promised response times, SLAs, etc.? You also want to know that they are a well-run and viable company and that they have robust procedures.

5. Do They Have the Relevant Accreditation?

Does your IT support company have the accreditation/qualifications to show they can protect you from cyber threats? ISO 27001 accreditation is a good one to have. They should also be fully GDPR compliant.

If your current provider does not meet all the criteria above, it may well be time to look at switching to one that can.


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