Is your website a showcase or a business opportunity?

Yes, today all or almost all have a website, be it freelance, small or big business.

What is the difference between a website designed for business and a simple showcase?

In other words, what makes a site really work for you and your business?

The “showcase” website: The most common type

So we call that type of sites that are born with one goal: to be present on the Internet “because there are all”, in a way not better specified.

Often they are static (you do not have the possibility to insert new contents or modify their present without knowing the programming languages) or at most have inside them a mini-blog managed without specific directives and purposes (news section / offers or little more), but, above all, they have not been designed and created to bring the user to perform the actions we want to do (Subscribe to the newsletter? Contact us? Buy?), but as simple windows.

Precisely because they are showcases created simply to be observed, often they are not even monitored in order to translate the behavior of users into changes to make the site even more efficient, usable and effective.


Children of Web 1.0, these sites do not invite the people who use it to interact and this, obviously, affects the possibility that they become a business channel.

Not only:

Almost never have to support a Web Marketing plan that outlines short and long term objectives, targets, channels and support tools (SEO, Social Media, SEM, Blogging ..), it follows the sad story of the “sailor who he did not know where to go ” and that he did not get anywhere.

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The Website as a business opportunity: Created, designed and optimized for people

This type of website is born with a completely different philosophy, where the site is seen as an environment in which to welcome people interested in what we offer, let them find what they are looking for in the easiest and fastest way possible and lead them to actions that we want to do (conversions).

It means making sense of this space, aligning it with the real identity of the company that tells and with the needs, desires and peculiarities of the people we intend to intercept, (a website dedicated to fashion-loving teenagers can not be the same as one addressed over 60 lover of fishing), to offer them not a simple window to observe, but an experience that leads them to know, take an interest and trust the company itself.

Having a business-oriented website means first of all understand that today the website is no longer a one-off calibrated tool, as   a path that is based on the results established and obtained by following a targeted strategy, a dynamic environment in which try to offer our target what you really want and “what works”.

And what kind of website do you have or would you like for your business?

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