Keys to monetize your website

It is a myth that you can monetize your website, many online sites are there for one reason, to generate income. In many cases, and a hobby is a business.

Whether you are looking to your website is to generate some money to keep or get high income, there are some online business strategies used to achieve these objectives.

Keep in mind that some strategies are more or less passive, while other techniques require a lot of work over time. Always be sure to choose the strategies that best fit your website.

monetize your website
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1. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money through your website or blog. What does it consist of? It is simple; you sell or recommend the products of someone else. When your website visitors click on your affiliate links and buy the products, you receive a commission for providing access from your own site.

The commission usually represents between 30 and 70% of the sale of the service or product. Therefore, if for example, you promote an e-book that costs 10 dollars, you will receive at least 3 dollars just for having suggested on your website.

You ask then, where you can find some products to promote. The answer is very simple, websites such as Commission Junction, Clickbank ShareASale or have catalogs of products that can fit the target audience to visit your website. Being important to consider the latter concept, facing the credibility of your website, it is now essential that the products and services that relate to suggest your own products and services, giving such complementarily is sought with this type of action.

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2. Selling space

As its name suggests, all you have to do here is to sell advertising space on your website or blog. You yourself set the price, for example. “A banner on the side of the page will cost X per month” Payment will be made ​​to you directly, and the price depends on the traffic on your website. If your page does not have much traffic, do not expect much for advertising space.

This is a strategy that can monetize your site positively, however, it requires much work and organic growth of the web, since those who are interested in buying space usually do on sites with more traffic and interaction.

3. Sell your own products

Selling is one of the most “safe” options, which refer to take the full benefit, because in this case there are no intermediaries. You can sell directly through your website and get paid the same way. It may seem like an easy way to make money, but the truth is that it is not. It requires much effort and work.

It requires a long time to create a product that is really good. So before you begin, make sure that what you are going to sell well done and attractive to users. On the other hand, a perfectly optimized page is essential to attract more consumers and increase your conversion rates.

4.  Using advertising platforms on-line

Direct selling advertisers requires a lot of resources, resources that most publishers do not have. Among other reasons, it is why most publishers or website owners choose to collaborate with advertising networks so that they can fill ad inventory to monetize their sites.

Many platforms allow you, with a simple code, display advertising on your site that is relevant to the content that you distribute. As this is an option that allows monetizing your site faster, we will make a further review of how one of these tools works.

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PropellerAds, for example, offers a combination of optimized campaigns and a simple platform through which you can choose from the widest variety of ads, and the best is that many of them are optimized for different screens (mobile, PC, Tablet …). When you do this type of advertising, it is indispensable that the ad format is optimized for each channel.

Among the most popular and profitable services they offer is OnClick Ads, a form of pop – up or pop-under that aggressively does not appear on your screen, but is visible only when the user closes or minimizes the window you are using.

Many websites avoid using this type of advertising because they fear that these ads affect the loyalty of its users, however, when advertising is well segmented and ensures that advertisers are quality, these ads, used in metered, not adversely affect the visibility of your website and will help you make profits easily.

These are just some ways to monetize your website successfully. However, many strategies can help you do that. The important thing is that you have always clear what your goal is and to understand that the work you do on your website to your audience must therefore should not neglect the content.

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