Liven up your sales letters

The sales letters that you send out are direct mail aimed at convincing the recipient that your service or product is just what they need. Never underestimate your sales letters, as they are a great way of reaching potential customers when a salesman visit isnt possible or available. You shouldnt overlook the sales letter, but many companies do. In the age of the internet, many companies neglect to update their mail. They send out the same old format time after time, in boring sales envelopes that most likely end up in the bin! A good idea is hiring a Motivational Speaker from sites including to come in and give you a talk to boost you in a positive manner so you feel good about writing the letter.

As time progresses, the power of the direct mail approach has waned slightly. People perceive letters in different ways now, so if youre going to keep up the traditional, its important to make yours stand out from the crowd. Here are some effective ways to liven up your sales letters and make them a joy to receive:

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The average adult has an attention span of only 8 seconds! That means youve got to grab it quick and grab it good. In reality, you cant expect your customer to read through one page, let alone any more than that. So, you need to imagine youre in their position. To make your content easy and quick to digest, make use of headings and subheadings.

You can make text stand out by using different font sizes, different sentence lengths and even different colours. This helps guide your reader through the important information and to a natural conclusion at the bottom of the page. Without these visual cues, chances are your recipient will never bother to read the entire content. These methods make it easier to read, breaking up the details and helping to engage your reader and keep them gripped.

Texture, Colour & Size

Why send out your sales letters in the traditional and somewhat dull way? There are no rules set in stone for following the normal business letter format, so why not try something different? You can change the paper material. For a high-end professional look, you could choose a cream linen paper. Or for more fun and informal approaches, consider coloured paper or thin newspaper-type material.

Coloured envelopes are more likely to be opened as they pique natural curiosity. If you want to improve your reach, get through to hard-to-approach contacts and increase the chances of your sales letter actually being read, you should seriously consider a colourful envelope. For a range of Coloured Envelopes, visit

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Too much text is an immediate turn off to most people. This is why its important to boost your interest levels by interspersing text with visually attractive graphics. These can encompass the most important aspects of your message that you dont want your reader to miss.

You can also use hand-drawn doodles in your sales letters. This is easy to achieve with the right software and are used by many successful direct mail companies.


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