Marketing Advice for Trading Companies

Trading is becoming more and more of something that everyone can do, which is good advice for marketers working for trading companies. No matter which platform your company uses, it’s now more accessible than ever to the general public with people learning every day of the range of benefits that they can get from learning how to trade. So, how do you market a trading company now that you are not simply focusing on investment bankers and other financial professionals?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly more necessary, whether in a business to consumer or a business to business setting. With more and more people using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for both personal and business use, getting your company’s marketing efforts out onto social networking gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily get to a large portion of your target audience at the same time. You can use social media to post updates, link to useful information or blog posts, or even to display sponsored advertisements.

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Content Marketing

With a large percentage of people willing to try trading but worried as they’re not sure how it works or how to get started, content marketing can be a very useful tool in driving traffic to your trading site. For example, guest posting on a number of blogs – not just the ones for finance geeks – can help to get information out about trading and how simple it can be, which could spark an interest and help people to realize that it’s not as difficult as they originally thought. With many people shying away from trading because they are worried it will be too hard to grasp or that they’ll lose out on money, good content marketing which helps to break things down into easy, understandable instructions can help a great deal.

Email Marketing

Marketing emails can work a lot better for trading sites than they do for many other industries. This is because trading isn’t actually asking you to part with your money, it’s encouraging you to invest and eventually make more money. The way that you phrase your marketing emails is important – overdo it, and people will think that you might not be legitimate, or underdo it and you’re unlikely to get a lot of responses. This is why for the perfect marketing email for your trading site, it’s a good idea to get help in the form of specialized financial services marketing. See Berbay for more information.

Marketing to Existing Customers

Last but not least, don’t quit marketing to your existing customers just because they’ve already got an account with you. With the world of trading becoming more and more competitive, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your internal marketing efforts to make sure that you’re not only bringing in new traders but hanging on to your existing ones too. This could be done through special offers or incentives – e.g. free credit for staying with you for a certain amount of time.

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