Marketing and Persuasion: To Create A Sense Of Community To Generate Leads, Knowledge And Close Contracts

The process that leads a user to convert, or to perform a desired action on the internet (contact request or purchase), is strictly conditioned upon your ability to create a safe community and identification. In this article, I’ll explain the weapons of persuasion that can be applied to online marketing to close contracts.

“It’s all about conversions”.

That means everything we do on the internet is designed to collect qualified business contacts, close deals and generate profits. In technical language, a conversion, or a desired action that the visitor of your website should make it their business objectives are achieved. In some cases, the conversion can be a contact request, the e-commerce sites is an online purchase, and sometimes displaying a catalog, download a datasheet, or recording to a restricted area.

In any case, you place your company among the options described above, there are several obstacles that may stand between your potential and lead conversion. In many cases, we focus on technical barriers (usability and speed of the web site), in others the quality of the texts, images and so-called “call to action”.

But few put their attention to the ability to enter the mind of the potential customer and affect brain areas which are close to the conversion process. Experienced sellers use these techniques every day to close contracts, but some problems remain to carry the tricks of the trade on the internet, where the absence of physical contact remains an obstacle often impenetrable.

Marketing and persuasion: The sense of community

One of the main reasons why users are struggling to convert on the internet, however, is the inability of the website to convey a sense of community – a community group – its readers and visitors. Thus, web pages become blank sheets of paper, more or less rich in content, but still white, dull, dull. It lacks that something that takes the user to identify the website that is sailing and want to get in touch with the people who are behind and have proposed certain stimuli.

The sense of community is just one of the cardinal principles of social psychology and applied to marketing persuasion, you can use to stimulate the generation of business leads and closing contracts on the internet.

Marketing And Persuasion
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How to transform a website from dull pages and without conversion engine emotions?

Parts from your end user, you need to encourage and persuade the one with whom you are dealing with every day. They will probably be different people with varied interests and behavior, but good or bad you should be able to recognize three or four “ideal types” which, despite their individual specificity, behave roughly the same way. Now, throw down ideas on paper and transforms these “types” idealized and false in real people and real live.

Once clarified what people have to target your communication messages, everything will be easier and you will be pronto to unleash the weapons of persuasion to convince internet users.

Overcoming obstacles with the conversion persuasive and Community marketing: the metaphor of the festival.

In particular, these are the three elements that I have identified as absolutely fundamental and priority to overcome the obstacles of the conversion and create a sense of community on the internet, by stimulating the generation of business contacts:

  1. The community must be in place that should not make users feel out of place.
  2. The community must be safe, i.e. the user must feel that they can approach him without being tried or considered inappropriate.
  3. The community must be inclusive, that is ready to welcome new people.

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Think about a party where you know a few people. You’re a little embarrassed, turns the glass in your hand and you’re not sure who to talk to, who to turn to. Everyone talks to each other in groups, and when trying to meddle in their conversations, the ones they do everything to avoid making you feel at ease. At one point, encounters three people who have made the same high school and have had your same professors, who attended the same company, they can recall the places of your own adolescence as you remember them. Start talking and everything becomes spontaneous, simple, and cheerful. It has created a crazy sense of identification and camaraderie, although until a few minutes before there were just never met.

That the festival is the perfect metaphor, I think, to describe that sense of strangeness and embarrassment that comes to the average website. The “sense of community” that I describe in this article it is precisely what you create with the three persons, and that allows you to “let go”, until – in the case of access – to push the conversion, with a business contact.

Marketing And Persuasion
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Some practical tips for making a persuasive marketing

For this to be possible, of course, your website must have some fundamental and winning features that enable persona identified to be able to feel safe, accepted and “in place”, that is in the perfect place to achieve their goals. Although you’ve probably figured out the trick, I suggest some tips to create a community of persuasion on your website:

  • Emotional security: Using words, idioms, recurring phrases, images, symbols, visual elements that your person feels like their own. What your target user is accustomed to feel, live and recognize, should be just what you need to take as a reference for the construction of your safe online community;
  • Influence on the goals: You know what your users want, then proportion no shyness and yet without violence. If your potential lead wants to “touch” the product before you buy, you suggest the free samples or trial production as a call to action. If you are looking for more quotes, it stimulates its request making it clear that you are willing to offer customized solutions;
  • Inclusive connection: If you want to be persuasive on the internet, you have to tell stories that persona can accept as true, authentic and convincing. Use what you have available: your mission, values, corporate history. As a warehouse a few tens of square meters have built a company with a turnover of millions of dollars, with such steps, with such winning choices. And remember to use phrases, elements and metaphors that your reference lead may feel as their own and share.

Bonus: A company blog or a virtual forum can reinforce an emotional connection of this type, which will be a place of free exchange of opinions, ideas and common thoughts. A safe place and connection, which can stimulate the conversion.

In this article, I explained how you can overcome barriers to conversion, or the realization of a desired action on the internet (contact request, purchase, download), by creating a sense of community, generated by shared values, connection and emotional security. The first step is to think about the current elements of your website, your business and potential customers that you as a reference: You have a persuasive communication that drives the sense of community? Users who browse your web site perceive emotional connection and security? One step at a time, you will be ready to make a persuasive marketing really efficient and effective for your end customers.

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