Mature or Stale? Content Is Like Cheese – Not All of It Improves with Age

It’s done! Your brand new website is up and running. The home page is inviting, the navigation is easy to use and the images are crisp. Time to sit back and watch the customers pour through your virtual doors. Nothing more is needed, right? Wrong.

Mature or Stale

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Once you have your website functioning, it’s still important to keep it up to date and relevant. Your existing customers will want to know about new products and services, and new customers need to be able to find you. Your website needs to pull in and retain business, and to do that you must keep refreshing your content. So what should you refresh and how often?

Keep News New

First of all, if you have a blog or news section, keep it updated regularly: once a month is good, and once a week is better. This helps your site to show up in searches, so new and existing customers can find you. Also, your business looks lively and energetic. If your most recent post is dated five years ago, it looks as if you are not interested in keeping your customers informed, which means not interested in your customers. Short pieces offering advice, product support or comment on news in your field will show that you’re on the ball. If you’re stuck, you can create a content calendar.

What Else?

Don’t just focus on your news and blog: consider all your content. Have you introduced new products or services? Your customers should know about it. How long ago was your content written? You might want to sound friendly or informal – not dated.

Have your customers praised you? Ask if you can put it on the website. Does your web content encourage visitors to visit all parts of your site or to download brochures, sign up for newsletters or watch videos? Are your pictures as up to date as your copy? Video and images can be as attractive as words.

If all this sounds a bit daunting, you can call in professionals from a London web design agency. Many businesses have taken advantage of London web design by Vizion Online.

Remember that your website is a vital part of your marketing strategy, so keep it fresh, vital and relevant.

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