Online Marketing: 7 Simple signs to do Budget (almost) Zero

An introductory post, basic, for those who still doubt arises …. and therefore not useful to those looking for more detailed information on online marketing.

A post I still decided to write because, despite being clear to everyone that never before have those who have a task can define a marketing strategy to promote multiple “Channels” their products / services / solutions / accomplishments …. unfortunately for many, make decisions, especially when you have a small budget and limited resources, it can be really hard.

In addition, we still too often to meet especially startupper, professionals or small business owners who are convinced that, although social media marketing “free” requires creativity and time to produce results.

The latter are also firmly convinced that both the traditional and digital advertising that involves high costs.

We say that you just put on your own or you are a freelancer or small business owner … and that by the Online Marketing, you also have a Zero Budget almost 

Online Marketing
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What can you do to get new leads or new customers using the Online Marketing?

1. Social Media 

If your activities are not yet using social media, it’s time to start. Social media can also produce twice the number of contacts that you can obtain, for example, with trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail.

For this to happen, you have to “be there” and to get good results you have to define which platform to point to your online marketing, identifying the one where they are and interact primarily your potential customers (Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Google? Instagram?).

For example, choose Instagram only if you sell a physical product and highly “visual” and possibly at a female audience. If you are a Professional or propose Services, forget Instagram and concentrated instead on LinkedIn (or Twitter) and then on Facebook.

Start building your presence on only Social but do it in the best way. Share original content and seeks to promote discussion. Basically, it tries to be addictive. Find the right frequency of publication but above all let it be relevant (or funny), and useful to your audience.

I give you one fact: There are your potential customers who now spend a minute every seven minutes of their time available … on social media. Do you still think that this does not involve a great opportunity for you?

Build a relationship through the sharing of content and interact with potential customers appreciating or commenting on their contributions will ensure that, as a user interacts with you, the more likely that his (or friends) contacts take an interest in you.

2. E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is ideal to engage customers but would be limiting use only. Therefore, to get results you have to integrate your communications with other instruments of your online marketing strategy.

You may also like to read another article on Tradenligne: Inbound Marketing: Really need to Professionals, Small Business and Start Up?

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize (or do optimize) your website for it to be visible on search engines, and especially compared to the keywords that your potential customers are using to find your products / services / solutions / accomplishments by, for example, a search on Google.

4. Webinars

Webinars are a great opportunity (for you to enjoy at no cost by choosing among the various available platforms) to build yourself your own prospect list.

The webinar should contain relevant content (i.e. important and interesting content for your target audience). The webinar should be “live” and you have to allow people to interact with you and ask you questions.

5. Value Content

Creates and offers e-books, audiobooks, videobook … that contain in-training important for your potential customers. In-training to enable them to begin to appreciate your expertise and allow you to have useful contacts on which to develop your commercial activity both online and off line.

6. Blog

This is one of the best channels of communication that you can use, the best way to do online marketing at no cost. True, you have to dedicate some time but can get extremely higher returns than can happen with a Fan Page.

Providing to your prospects information and content that may be considered of value, you can positively influence the judgment against you, and this will prepare them to buy from you when you will need your “product”.

A blog allows you to position yourself and get found more easily by search engines, because the latter increasingly favor the content and quality of the same.

Always remember to place, at the end of each of your post (the assumption is that it is still interesting and useful for the reader …) an effective call to action. This is to stimulate your readers to contact you.

If you are not able or do not want to create your own blog, you can always make you accommodate other “containers” such as I personally using Linkedin Pulse or the blog of the Association Business In Progress.

By creating your own blog or contributing to the development of important blog with useful content, you can expand your level of awareness and show your experience, your skills or your knowledge. Then you just need to place your website in the author card to facilitate prospective customers to obtain information about you and contact you.

7. Take action

No, you’re right, this is not a typical instrument of online marketing but is also a zero budget and is always particularly effective.

The digital era has begun for some time and do not expect those who lag behind. Take action!

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