Outsourcing for a start-up as a means of surviving a business

Very often startups are faced with the fact that they do not have enough funds to recruit qualified personnel, especially if the presence of these people is not required throughout the day, and their services are needed only from time to time. And while some retrogrades are racking their brains over where to find money, progressive entrepreneurs hire virtual specialists.

What can a remote assistant do?

Assistance in the organization of business and the first launch: Such people help you with information, make documents, look for office and warehouse premises, recruit personnel, communicate with agents, organize negotiations, and trade with suppliers.

Manage contacts: Collect information about potential partners or clients, maintain a database and actively engage in cooperation, organize meetings or telephone conversations.

Organization of the schedule: In fact, everything a personal assistant or secretary should do. Maintain a business daily, remind of important events, organize meetings, and buy plane tickets and book rooms in hotels.

Management of e-mail: This is one of those activities that can be completely outsourced. And if a person shows talent and competence, then it is quite possible for him to delegate the duty to answer certain letters that do not require your principal intervention.

Manage phone calls: With the advent of technologies such as Skype, the mandatory presence of a secretary in the next room is no longer required. In fact, the person on the other side of the phone conversation cannot tell if he is calling directly to the physical office at a particular address or to a person at home.

surviving a business

Doing blogs and social networks: Everything that concerns the Internet, not only can, but must work remotely. The technology itself dictates the rules, in addition, it is cheaper than paying a person for being in a paid workplace. Such people will not simply assume the responsibility of creating and maintaining accounts, but they will also offer a plan for developing pages and attract targeted users to your main resource.

Internet research: Modern marketing trends, searching for suitable resumes, analyzing data from Google Analytics, selecting the right information and other things. Everything will be collected, analyzed, the appropriate conclusions will be drawn and presented to you in the best possible way.

Making presentations and proofreading: Your virtual assistant will be able to refresh any part of the information that you plan to present to the public in oral or written form, as well as in the form of a presentation in PowerPoint.

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Support for e-commerce: Many sellers do not actually have a physical office, and in this case all the staff they have is also virtual. SEO-analysts, promotion specialists, sales managers, logistics specialists, website administrators and everyone without whom no online store can work.

Document management: Business – this is the flow of information that someone should structure and archive. A virtual assistant can understand the accumulated data and properly organize their storage. In addition to this, virtual assistants can provide data transfer from the old site to a new one, manage spreadsheets and databases, digitize information and create convenient navigation for your archives.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a virtual assistant?

Economical: You pay only for the work done and do not incur any additional costs, such as taxes, insurance, workplace organization in the physical office.

Rapidity: Virtual Assistant by definition is interested in doing the work qualitatively and as quickly as possible, to free up time for other tasks and to earn as much money as possible.

Efficiency: You will always get a quality work done without having to make a discount on the employee’s bad mood, having personal problems or simply psychological burnout. After all, these people are all office routine and, if necessary, you can always find a “fresh” assistant.

The virtual assistant has only one defect in fact: you will have to entrust personal and professional information to a stranger whom you may never have seen or seen in your eyes. There are two ways to combat this. The first one is trial and error, testing candidates for less complicated and not very significant tasks, so that possible losses are not fatal for you. The second is to contact an agency specializing in the provision of such services.

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