Reasons To Check Someone’s Criminal History

There are people with bad criminal histories all around us. Most of the time, we have no idea what some people we come into contact with are hiding. Checking someone’s criminal history records is a legal course of action to take. They are considered public records. While most services cost a small fee, the amount of information you can find on someone makes the fee worth it in some instances. There are some reliable online services you can sign up for such as through Intelius. They are found at When you use the company’s site, you will be able to perform background checks, criminal record checks and more. You will be able to find important information such as Intelius felony data on the person you are searching for. Below are reasons to consider using searches such as these.

Check Your Own Record

If you have noticed lately that you aren’t getting the jobs you want or are turned down for leasing a home, you may need to check your own record. People are often surprised about what they find listed in their records.

Learn About Neighbors

Everyone wants to be safe living in their homes. It could be wise to do a criminal record search on your neighbors to see if they have a violent or sexual criminal history. A quick search through public records can help you to keep yourself and your loved ones safer.

Find Information On Coworkers

Another place you want to feel safe at is your place of employment. You spend a lot of time there with people you are supposed to trust and feel safe around. However, what if they have a bad criminal history that you know nothing about? This would be a good opportunity to check out the people you spend a lot of time with on a daily basis. A criminal background check on your boss or coworkers can give you valuable insight into whether you should stay or find a new job.

Check Potential Dates

Dating can be scary enough on its own. When you meet someone online and plan to meet in person, it can be stressful to wonder if they are who they say they are. Before planning a date with someone you have just met or plan to meet soon, perform a criminal record check on them. You may be surprised to find they have a violent history and are not who they say they are.

In a perfect world, we could trust everyone we meet and deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the world can be a scary place where people hide all sorts of secrets. Performing a criminal background check on someone is an easy way to protect yourself.

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