Salary vs. Career opportunity, where the balance point is?

In many small businesses more opportunities for professional development, more responsibility in implementing projects, but cannot be paid salaries commensurate to that task are offered. You will reach a compromise between salary and professional development opportunity. Equally we must assume it is not a situation that can be maintained over time.

 Salary vs. Career opportunity
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When a worker accepts these conditions, you assume that you are not charging according to the responsibility that is required to change gain experience that would otherwise not be possible. It also is improving its curriculum professional, something that eventually will allow make the jump to another company.

Therefore, the strategy of salary vs. career opportunity and it is implied that once the worker has completed his training, has peaked in the company, begins a different phase. It is now in its peak productivity, and if their involvement is not recognized, the responsibility assumed by improving their salary, start searching monetize this professional experience outside.

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Typically, go to the competition. It is where you will have more opportunities to find a vacancy to improve their working conditions, in wages as it could be at times, reconciling work and family life, etc. You can even implying less autonomy, into a more hierarchical organization, etc.

For the company that loses a worker have to start again from scratch. If you want to maintain the policy of low wages, you will have to bet on a candidate with potential, but without much experience. This will always be a risk, and above all, a period of adaptation in which the worker does not offer its best level of productivity.

The company strategy is to achieve retain the employee without increasing labor costs. In this sense after a while, it is difficult to achieve convince him he has a future ahead when you know that you will not raise the salary and not to learn much more in this company. Obtain commitment, is giving something and if not provided, will be very difficult to retain talent within the organization.

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