Shop Opening: What to do to prepare to open a business?

Alert the press, provide for promotions, dedicated advertising campaigns: these are just some of the details to take care when we open a store. Let’s see how best to prepare the launch of a new business …

How to prepare a store opening that allows the new business to be known and appreciated from the start? Here are a few tips designed specifically to meet the target with maximum simplicity: valuable tips to follow to the letter immediately to get the good results!

#1- Figure out which may have the potential and critical business

Since we’re explaining what to do before and during the opening of a store, we must necessarily underline the importance for the future manager to understand (in advance of the opening) which may have the potential and critical business to start. About this is therefore appropriate …

  • Choose exactly the products-services to be offered;
  • Determine the potential weaknesses of and finding preventive solutions to eliminate them in the bud;
  • Establish objectives to be achieved in the short-medium-long term and keep them in mind.

#2- Inform the local media

When it comes to organizing the opening of a store, first you have to realize that most people are aware of the opening, the greater the success that can be achieved in the fateful first day. To spread the information with ease and immediacy, you must …

  • Draw up an official press release to be sent to radio stations and local media, informing them of the details of the opening (date, time, etc.);
  • Create eye-catching graphics to entice the media to disseminate the news;
  • Make sure it is not made negative publicity.

#3- Building your presence on Social Network

Open a shop is not a simple thing, but if before the opening you can build a solid presence in the Social Network and to stimulate the interest of consumers, the chances of obtaining success grow dramatically. The previous step to the opening …

  • Open Social profiles of their interest (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.);
  • Popular pages trying to attract the attention of people really interested in the services offered;
  • Share timely information for users and offer contests or other similar activities that stimulate public involvement.

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#4- Create paid advertising campaigns

The advertising campaigns are ideal for those who want to open a business and must be organized in an intelligent manner and in terms of content (information provided to users), and also in terms of duration (visibility tot days before the opening until actual inauguration). The simplest system to avoid any kind of error is to …

  • Conduct research on the commodity sector they belong to, which will help to understand what advertising works best formula to the reality in question;
  • For online campaigns of the budget is allocated to Google AdWords that Facebook Ads, making sure to move towards the right target audience (age, sex, region, interest, etc.);
  • For campaigns offline, be sure to opt in favor of effective solutions (radio, local TV channels, billboards, etc.), and to have suitable event marketing materials (flyers, totems, etc.).
Shop Opening
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#5- To organize a day or evening event

After the stage of preliminary preparation, we have to plan very carefully to the store’s opening day, creating a big event (day or evening) that will remain etched in the minds of the various participants. To obtain good results it is necessary …

  • Involve local officials, the figures operating in the industrial sector, the owners of local small businesses, the most popular characters and all the members of the neighborhood;
  • Invite the media to maximize the visibility of the event;
  • Share pictures and testimonies of the opening of all the social channels.

#6- Prepare discounts and offers for opening the store

Whether it’s a discount of 10% reserved for those who participated in the opening of a store, rather than a special cocktail for those who shall be present during the opening of a restaurant, the first day of each activity must be celebrated with some offering special designed to present. To amaze and attract new potential customers need …

  • Design of exciting promotions;
  • Create new products or services reserved  to the opening;
  • Give away gadgets or other similar objects to the guests, by publicizing it in Social channels.

#7- Extend special promotions over time

When it was realized what to do after the inauguration of a shop, it is then necessary to identify winning strategies that will increase the number of customers gleaned during the opening event. An effective system to achieve good results is certainly to extend promotions over time …

  • Holding discounted prices for a post opening period of two to seven days;
  • Communicating such discounts on all pages Social;
  • Encouraging people who have not yet taken advantage of the offers, to do so as soon as possible.

#8- Demonstrate over time that the business is able to meet the needs of consumers

Organize an inauguration is as important as demonstrating in time to customers who run the business guarantees quality and satisfaction. After opening (that we hope it went well), we must strengthen the foundations laid, remembering to …

  • Answer all the reviews posted by users in Google or on sites like Yelp;
  • Make sure not to be never rude and always ensure utmost professionalism, even when the opinions are negative;
  • Build your own mailing list and keep it up to date;
  • Ask the audience feedback on the experience of purchase;
  • Send by e-mail surveys to obtain accurate answers;
  • Continue to build a strong presence on social media often communicating with people who follow the pages;
  • Propose new promotions and organize various events to retain the public.

These are our practical tips especially designed for those who want to open a store: tips to follow to the letter to get the good results since inauguration.

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