Six ways to increase website enquiries

Most website owners tend to concentrate on visitor numbers as an affirmation of how well their site is doing, but this misses the point of having a website in the first place. Yes, visitor numbers are important, but unless a significant number of those visitors go on to make a purchase, request a quote or sign up to a newsletter, then the number of people viewing your site is completely meaningless.

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Your focus should be on increasing your business profits, so with that in mind, here are our top six suggestions for encouraging visitors to interact with your site on a more meaningful level.

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1 Include your contact details on every page

According to an article published by Forbes, a lack of contact information leads visitors to believe that a site is not genuine. Contact details allow visitors to get in touch with any queries, increasing the likelihood that they will go on to make a purchase.

2 Responsive design matters

A website formatted for desktop monitors will alienate smartphone users within seconds, so make sure that your site displays appropriately across all devices.

3 Intuitive navigation

Visitors shouldn’t have to struggle to find the products or information that they’re searching for. A good user experience is crucial, so if your website isn’t leading to conversions, have it overhauled or redesigned. Many web developers, such as, a website design company Gloucester-based but working throughout the UK, offers a comprehensive package encompassing web creation and marketing, to fulfil all your web needs under one roof.

4 Fast loading times

Web visitors have short attention spans, so make sure that your site displays within three seconds, or risk losing potential customers.

5 Thoughtful content

People read web pages very differently from paper-based media, so make sure that your most important information is clearly signposted, preferably towards the top of the screen. Skim-reading is the order of the day for screen-based content, so tailor your content accordingly to make sure visitors find what they’re looking for with the minimum of fuss.

6 Live chat

It’s still relatively new, but many web visitors like the convenience of interacting through instant messaging systems. A chatbot can answer questions 24 hours a day, making it a worthwhile investment for encouraging visitors to convert, which is the principal aim of your website.

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