Start a business: What comes before the business plan?

The business plan is a necessary step whenever you choose to open a business. But how to manage the time before the business plan?

Even before you make a business plan, what other activities should play to start properly a business project?

The business plan is a basic document but certainly takes time and resources to be drawn up, for this additional planning is necessary to enable an agile enterprise guide to her earliest moments of life, let’s call for simplicity: pre-business plan.

The primary objective of this initial step is to make it possible to begin the Start Up to cash out at the earliest opportunity: to make this possible you have to identify what should be done and determine the order in which they should be treated, devoting energies only the most urgent issues.

Start a business
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A pre-business plan is no more than a to-do list (a list of things to do) reworked through the typical tools of project management or project management.

Gantt chart for pre-business plan

The starting point is turn them simple list of “things to do” by placing these actions in a time perspective , ie take what you must do and understand how the sequence and timing must be done.

The Gantt chart is the perfect tool for this type of activity. And ‘an essential tool for any type of schedule that allows you to enter tasks (activities) in a time scale that express not only the sequence but also the implementation timelines at the same time giving us an overview and a significant detail of the activities that make up the project.

The Gantt chart is obviously one of the many ways to organize the pre-business plan activities, the important thing is that the representation chosen for the follow-up steps necessary to the composition of the plan:

  • The list of all production activities to manage to start the business (creation of the website, preparation of business cards, creation of e-mail addresses, etc.).
  • The definition of time required to perform individual tasks;
  • Report for each activity who is the responsible person.

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Flowchart for pre-business plan

Another way, in fact, for the planning can be to use instead of the Gantt chart a flow chart which sacrifices time linearity to highlight the sequential and the interdependence of the various activities to be performed.

The flow diagram allows to schematically describe the project focusing on:

  • Steps to be taken;
  • The sequence in which they should be performed, represented with connecting arrows;
  • The paths and checks at key moments, represented by equilateral laying crossroads.

We can add to the individual assets and expected duration and this allows us to obtain, once you have chosen the way to go, the timing and sequence of operations. At the end of the activities we can also compare the hours budgeted for the project with the hours actually spent thus achieving a kind of balance of the project useful for future activities and estimates.

Now that we have explained to you in detail about what still concentrate before making a business plan for your new business, you can start this business project with greater awareness and knowledge of the facts, knowing in advance how to arrange all the necessary activities.

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