The $7bn opportunity in Youth sports

Some parents spend upwards of hundreds of pounds each month on the participation of their children in a variety of youth sports. Coupled with huge investment from governments and businesses and increased exposure from the media, the world of youth sporting events is big business.

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Youth sporting events

Youth sports are defined loosely as extracurricular sports. They are often team games such as football, baseball, cricket, gymnastics, volleyball and rowing, and are competing in leagues and competitions across the country from small local leagues to national youth leagues.
Normally these events are held in whatever structure they can find which can sometimes can be a little old, structurally unsafe or dirty. What some locations are doing is getting Tensile Fabric Structures found at sites like Parents spend money on everything from sportswear to travel, entertaining siblings while waiting around and food while spectating; in fact, travel alone in the youth sports industry in the US is thought to be worth a staggering $7bn (4.8bn).

Why are youth sports booming?

The reasons for the boom of youth participation in sport are many, but arguably the main driver is a desire for parents to help their children to lead healthier lives. The obesity epidemic looms over western culture and we are acutely aware that being active is one of the easiest ways to avoid this, especially if children are active from a young age.

The rising exposure of youth sporting events is also thought to be a contributing factor to increased participation. More TV channels, social media and the internet mean that more and more sports are receiving some kind of coverage and a wider range of sports are being discovered by youngsters. A celebrity-driven culture where children seek fame and fortune is also a contributing factor for some, for parents and children alike.

As sport for youth booms, more and more parents are encouraging their children to practise soccer drills at home, in the hope that they may one day become the next Jamie Vardy.

In the UK, charities and organisations such as the Youth Sports Trust and Sport England work tirelessly to promote and encourage participation in sport from a young age.

There is no doubt that the more that children participate in sport, the healthier and happier the future will be. For UK businesses, whether in the hospitality trade, travel or entertainment industries, this is a lucrative and growing market that should be considered in every relevant business plan.

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