The basic elements Land remediation

What is land remediation? It is a lengthy but extremely necessary process that is required to save land that would otherwise be useless. With land becoming increasingly important,and at a premium in how it is used, the need to reclaim sites which are considered contaminated is at an absolute premium. There are not just environmental benefits, in many cases this contaminated land can be bought for the fraction of new space and there are even certain Government subsidies and schemes that can be used to offset costs whilst utilising Land Remediation Services

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Remediation of land usually takes up three stages.

  1. The decontamination of the soil and site – This involves removing and disposing of the contaminating agent and the cleaning of anything affected by it.
  2. Taking away the link between the contaminant and the soil. Here the cause of the contamination or possible future cause is removed.
  3. Deny access to the contaminating feature. In some cases this is all that is required as nature will take care of the rest.
  4. Treatment of the area. There may be a case that this is all that needs doing. In many cases the structure is of historical significance such as the ex Military site of Orford Ness in East Anglia.

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