The Best Property Management Software and Why You Need It

Software to make common property management tasks such as valuation, marketing, budgeting and project management easier and quicker has been developed by many providers, so you can now consider what’s the best fit for you, whether you’re a social housing provider or a large block developer.

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Here’s a selection of the key features provided by some of the biggest property management software names.


Helps estate agents and letting agents process properties from valuation to completion, including looking after property maintenance.

CML Software

It has a reputation for quality and smart features such as de-duping multiple client records so you can rely on its database to provide a single client view for multi-office estate and lettings agencies.

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A cloud-based solution specifically for use within the social housing sector, it takes the pain out of tasks such as managing arrears, calculating rent assessments and creating work orders to manage maintenance activity.

Estates IT

Designed to offer lettings agencies a simplified lettings process so they can improve their marketing, accounting and customer management functions.

With over 25 years experience in Property Management Cheltenham, utilises property management software to provide an efficient service to its clients.

Expert Agent

Suitable for estate and letting agents as well as private landlords, this software is accessible from any device, so agents can share diaries, update property details and screen applicants even if they aren’t in the office.


The cloud-based system has features to enable you to integrate workflows and have a single space where staff, office, customers and marketing functions can be managed.

LetMC Agent

Features include a property and landlord dashboard, rent management and maintenance management sections.


Providing agencies with a range of services, including marketing and communications, client accounting and customer record and document management.


Whether you are letting or selling, this customisable product allows agents target their marketing and selling process, and administration staff can use it to store housekeeping reports, ensuring compliance without hassle.


Streamlining complex business workflows across marketing, accounts and daily management.


From rent collection to managing security deposits or maintaining repairs records, this system makes it easy to get the information you need.


Takes care of time-consuming tasks, from compliance reminders to arrears management and contractor control.

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