The Impressive Entrance: How to sell a house by impressing prospective buyers

Entrances are often a forgotten and overlooked aspect of our homes. Walking through them every day, we barely pay attention to them in a rush to get inside, but as a visitor, the entrance is the first thing to meet the eyes and as with all first impressions, you dont get a second chance. Making a good impression is especially important for those looking to sell their homes ,what most people forget is that the is the first place prospective buyers see when they step into your home. It is important for your entrance to look impressive as it will make selling your house sooner more likely. When you get to the stage where you do agree a sale there will be an approximate two month legal process of the house changing ownership. This will be done by a conveyancer. There are many conveyancers that you can choose from across the UK. If you are wanting more information on what they do, consider getting in touch with a conveyancing solicitors Birmingham company such as . Even if you would simply like to wow your guests, read on to find all you need to know to design an entrance that’s sure to impress.

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A Fresh Lick of Paint

In a recent survey, almost one third of would-be buyers admitted to making their minds up on arrival. The easiest way to create a striking impression. Add a new lick of paint to your front door. Glossy, bright colours are in fashion at the moment, but for a safe bet with lots of class, black or deep red hues are timeless.

Similar techniques can be used to spruce up a tired-looking facade with plaster rendering over an unsightly brick face, or repainting the wall. The choice of colours should be far more conservative than you front door, however, and it is wise to keep the appearance in line with the houses around your own.

Adding a Touch of Class

For those lucky enough to live in the country, why not invest in a bold entrance gate or archway? Its important that your entrance reflects the type of house it frames. A white wooden gate attached to some simple stone pillars can add a real feeling of gravity to a country manor or farmhouse. Wrought iron gates are more in line with the feel and style of newer brick houses or barn conversions.

Alternatively, people with more modern tastes could consider adorning their homes with a contemporary fabric canopy. Tensile fabric structures allow homeowners to create striking entrances that are impossible with traditional building methods. Examples of the range of shapes and forms possible with fabric architecture are easy to find online, and are a guaranteed conversation starter.

Lastly, dont let your neighbours damage the appeal of your house. If the house next door has rubbish in the garden, simply suggest that you do it for them, instead of getting into arguments.

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