The Secret to a Successful Life: Turn Your Passions into Dollars

Success is a universal desire and a billion-dollar industry. Small business owners buy books promising to turn their struggling companies into world-dominating empires. Entrepreneurs attend conferences in hopes of learning elusive wealth-building secrets. Some people also pay monthly fees for an endless cycle of content designed to help them turn their ordinary lives into extraordinary experiences.
While there’s some value in many of these resources, most of the successful people in the world today made great things happen in their lives by exploring their passions. They came up with great ideas based on their passions, and those ideas turned into products that sold off the shelves in record numbers. They started businesses that felt more like play than work, and those companies were later sold for millions of dollars.

Ultimately, you want success that equates your name with your brand like Bob Parsons GoDaddy or Steve Jobs Apple. Many people try to build that level of brand recognition by figuring out what concepts will sell big and then developing a product or service around those concepts. They end up with a business that they don’t enjoy because they didn’t follow their passions when coming up with their original business idea. While that may work out in some cases, it’s always more enjoyable to start out with a business concept that makes your heart skip a beat and your lips turn up into a smile.

The Passion Formula for Success

It’s obvious that you can’t guarantee success for any business venture just because you feel passionate about the industry. While your success story will likely start with something that you find interesting, fascinating or satisfying on some level, you still need to apply all of the following to turn it into something of incredible value:

* Vision
* Education
* Hard work
* Consistency
* Connections

The vision for a winning company or bestselling product typically comes deceptively easy. You think of it while in the shower or while watching your toddler swing a plastic bat at t-ball practice. Perhaps you get frustrated with a problem and say, “I wish someone would—.” If you realize in that moment that the “someone” to do it is you, then you have the start of a business idea that may change your life.

The next step is to educate yourself enough to carry your idea forward. Commit to long hours, and don’t quit when you encounter obstacles. Remain consistent with your efforts, and reach out to professionals able to help you along the way. Never throw away a business card because you never know when one social connection will lead you to the break of a lifetime.

The biggest battle is often recognizing the potential for greatness in a small idea. You may not always feel like you’re hard at work when your success is built on something you love, but that’s the secret to success. Base your work on something you want to do daily, and you’ll bypass many competitors doing it just for the money. You will have hard times, but they won’t feel nearly as difficult as they would if based on something you hate.

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