The winning strategy for the B2B business development

The Inbound marketing is a strategy that combines the use of content such as blog posts, videos, books, etc. The SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) to attract potential customers to your company – virtually the opposite of what happens in traditional outbound marketing instead is based on trade calls (often by operators telemarketing and call center) and email direct ranging to end up in most cases in the spam filter.

Today we will give you five tips to boost your business development using the great power of the Internet and specifically talk about

  1. Design Site
  2. SEO
  3. Promotion
  4. Content
  5. Monitoring & Analysis

While the outbound marketing is the fastest way to be noticed by many people and keep in touch with the customers you already have, the inbound is becoming the most effective way to reach people who do not know and do not know you, but they are looking for a solution just like yours.

Let’s see in detail the 5 tips for the commercial development of your business…

B2B business development
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Design Site

One of the basic rules of the inbound method is to have a website that is for the user a container of materials useful and informative, easy to navigate and with an ordered structure to enable you to quickly find what you look for. Good design is therefore crucial in providing an intuitive navigation that does not discourage visitors, but rather do it at other times return on your site. Why should not only be beautiful, but also functional: inbound marketing the website is the main source of lead!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Once the site is online, you must ensure that potential customers can find you and SEO techniques will be useful at this stage. Optimize the site for search engines is to try to improve the ranking of your pages in the results of online searches of a user who wants to find information about the industry or its products or services such as those offered by your company.

Methods to optimize your site so it supports the commercial development of an activity are numerous and include the use of keywords, external links and links on other sites they link to yours. But there is no magic formula, so do not trust those who promises to dramatically improve rankings with simple tricks. Very necessary work that takes the form of useful content, interesting and high quality to be published and offers customers.

We recommend you start with the inclusion of a section on the blog on the site, which often post the updates. If you have no idea, what topics treated, do not worry, take a cue from other companies, even your competitors, paying particular attention to questions frequently asked by readers and customers. If there is a gap in the information provided by other industry sites, fill it with you! Another possibility is to ask your suppliers to place links to your site on them and reciprocate the favor by writing to each of the reviews of products / services. This powerful combination of content and links will contribute greatly to the success of the site in view of the commercial development for your company.


Even the most beautiful site and post the best, without a good promotion will remain hidden. To make the target audience finds you, you begin to place a link to the site in the electronic signature attached to your email and in all social profiles business. When you publish a new blog post, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks on which you are active, or send them in the form of email newsletters to contacts. Try to connect to other people in the room and ask colleagues to publish your post on the company to expand the range of site content also to their network.

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In parallel to the expansion of the target audience, you need to expand the supply of content: to start doing an inventory of the topics covered on the blog until now (if you do not have a blog yet, take a look at the text on the site, advertising campaigns, brochures and press releases). Collect ideas and suggestions for your potential and existing customers in an eBook reworking the materials you already have in your archives.

The great advantage that will result is a wide choice of sizes for your content that does not take much time to prepare, because you will have already prepared most of the texts. Customers, reading a guide or a presentation in the form of checklists or watching a video demonstration, will get the feeling that you enter to them your vast experience and know-how to help them improve their work.

The frequency of publication and usefulness of content generate interest, curiosity and constant traffic volume of visitors to your pages.

Monitoring and Analysis

You know what is the source of your traffic inbound? Google Analytics is a very intuitive tool that lets you trace the path of the users on the site and understand where they arrived (search engines, social, external links …). Make use of this information to figure out who are your readers, what topics have tried (with such keywords in search engines), in which section you have paused longer and where they have left your site, what links they clicked and if they have filled out the form. With these data in hand, you can optimize your communications and experience by monitoring small changes as the results.

For example, if you notice that the main sources of traffic are Facebook and Twitter, you can focus your activities on those channels and further increase interactions with followers. If users come mostly from Google searches, studied what are the keywords you enter to find and keep them for the next content that you write. Not undertake actions blindly, always start from a solid base as the analysis of the data traffic on the site and proceed one step at a time.

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