Three Ways to Make Your Professional Office More Appealing

Clients can tell a lot about you and the business you run after just one single visit to your office. If you have clutter in the waiting room, stained carpets and plants in various stages of dying, they might think twice about working with you or hiring you. Your office should look and smell its best, but you may have troubles finding time in your already busy schedule to take care of regular cleaning. Even if you have little time in your schedule, you can still find some ways to make your office more appealing.
Create a New Waiting Area

A new waiting area can make potential clients feel right at home from the moment they step through your doors. Even if you only have a few square feet free, you can arrange a few comfortable chairs or couches with some end tables. Have a display of magazines sitting out that they can read and look through while waiting for their appointments. You may even want to bring in a television that you mount on one wall for visitors to watch.

Pay for Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning services are a great way to get rid of odors and make your whole office look more appealing. Those cleaners can vacuum carpets, wash hardwood or tile floors, empty trash cans, wipe down desks and use cleaning products that leave your office smelling fresh. Some companies that offer corporate janitorial services can schedule regular cleanings for you too. They can send cleaners to your office every night, once a week or a few times a month to take care of regular cleaning and maintenance. Regular cleaning ensures that your office will also look its best when clients stop by.

Develop a Welcoming Feel

Creating a welcoming feel in your office can also make the space more appealing for all your clients. Set up a small drink and snack station right near your entrance. Encourage visitors to help themselves to something from that station before or after their appointments. You can store bottled water, soda and fruit juices in a miniature refrigerator, or you set out a coffeepot with sugar and creamer. Opt for easy and portable snacks like granola bars, candy bars and pieces of easy to eat fruit. Creating a welcoming space, building a new waiting area and paying for professional cleaning will make your office more appealing to all visitors.

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