Three web design trends to emulate

When somebody finally sits down to write the definitive book on web design, it will be obsolete before they’ve finished the first chapter. However, by the time they’ve finished the fifth chapter, chances are the first chapter will be on trend again. That’s because web design is constantly evolving and borrowing from its past. The major players like Google know this and are always ready to take advantage of new trends.

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The good news is that you can, too. After all, who says web design in Reading has to be any less cutting-edge than web design in Silicon Valley? Here are three of the latest things everyone’s going crazy for.

Bright colours

Corporate websites have realised that there are other colours out there beyond grey, blue, and a darker shade of grey. Now is the time to try something a bit more vibrant.

The GIF that keeps on giving

Pronounced “jif” by its creator, if by no one else, gifs are enjoying a renaissance thanks to their central role in the world of memes. Think of any classic movie moment, and chances are it’s already a gif. Gifs can also be increasingly used in email and social media. There are thousands upon thousands of gifs out there and several tools to help you create your own perfect one. Buzzfeed quizzes wouldn’t exist without gifs, and if they can do it, why can’t you?

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Enter the third dimension

Early web graphics tried to emulate the real world as much as possible, which is why we still have a floppy disc as a save icon years after floppy disks themselves fell out of fashion. More recently, the trend has been toward minimalism; think of Google’s flat 2D logo, all shading and bevelling removed, and iOS 10’s ultra clean lines. Now, however, 3D shapes are making a comeback, and once again Google is leading the charge, especially with its design themes for Android. If you’d like to take advantage of these trends but are unsure how to go about it, you might want to consult a professional such as star web innovations.

Those are the top three trends in web design at the moment. Which one is your favourite, and which will you be trying out on your website first?

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