Time Management and Productivity: 6 Tips For Freelance and Free Professionals

Being a free professional means also having full control over time management. Give you the 6 straight tips for your productivity …

Are you a professional or a freelance and are you looking for practical tips to maximize time management? Do you want to find strategies to put into practice that will allow you to be more productive every day? Here are 6 good tips designed to help you reach the goal without any problems!

Time Management and Productivity
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#1- Ignores e-mail

Given that every single email delivery notification captures the attention of the recipient and causes time loss, those who want to improve their professional performance must necessarily be required to check incoming messages only at certain times, such as to be able to stay focused on running activities: do your customers claim more or less immediate feedback? Bring half an hour of your time before lunch and half an hour before returning home in the evening to read and meet every request, providing you with the opportunity to install an automatic answering machine to inform the senders of the timing needed to receive a response (2, 4, 12, or 24 hours average).

#2- Do one thing at a time

According to a series of recent studies, who can successfully devote more jobs at the same time is only 2.5% of the population, while the rest will get better results by taking one job at a time: since avoiding the so-called multi-tasking leads to double productivity and dramatically increase individual performance, if you want to have good results, always be sure to finish a job before starting another.

Time Management and Productivity
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#3- Set Daily Goals

Do you want to improve time management? Then you have to proceed step by step:the day’s goals and specify what actions to accomplish for each goal. Knowing what you have to do in the next 8 hours and how to do it will help you to focus your target with greater simplicity.

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#4- Organize time and space

To be productive during all hours of work, as well as to determine the timing of the various projects beforehand, you also need to be able to arrange the space around so you can deal with the problems without any problems: you decorate the office in a simple style functional, just hang on the desk just the components you really need (paying attention not to overflow it too much) and always keep your computer files in folders named with the utmost clarity. Finding what you need now allows you to optimize your time and keep you focused on what to do.

Time Management and Productivity
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#5- Prepare a roadmap

If you’re willing to prove yourself productive and efficient, one of the first things to do in the morning is to create an action plan that includes the operations you need to do during the hours: put the most difficult-urgent-important issues to the top , define the timing required to complete it completely and respect the established order. By doing this you will be sure to carry out each assignment in the most correct way.

#6- It remains operational even when traveling

When do you work often go away? Fill in your briefcase of tools and technology devices that allow you to be productive even off-site : smartphones, tablets and laptops are effective solutions that will keep you operational despite being away from the office but, to make them really useful, you need to do all you can to keep them always loaded and working perfectly.

6 different tips for good time management  for freelancers and professionals: Effective solutions to leverage each day with the confidence to improve performance by increasing yield.

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