Vertical organization of commercial equipment

The vertical organization of sales teams is to assign individual sales professionals on our team, a single sector. The idea is to get as expertise to get the most out of a specific type of customer.

The decision on how to organize your sales team is a reflection of what kind of customers you want to achieve, what is the strategy of your company and how you want to achieve your goals. For it is essential, before establishing such a strategy, you have defined a customer profile.

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In today’s enterprise is customary to organize this way the sales team; however I have never been a big fan of this custom as it is based on assumptions not entirely correct. My opinion is that these benefits can be achieved in other ways more efficiently.

When deciding what type of organization you want to implement, it is essential to consider what kind of company are: SMEs, usually with a smaller sales department and large corporations, because depending on the resources available or cannot establish a vertical organization in our company.

Objectives vertical organization

  • Get to have more input in a specific sector with very specific needs

If you have specific people for specific sectors it is supposed to increase our chances of increasing market share in that sector.

  • Specialization of business equipment and business

Obviously, if our business is dedicated to a particular sector, they will be more specialized in this sector the rest. Or at least it seems most likely.

False premises of a vertical organization

  • Our products can cater to different problems in different vertical almost identical fashion, it’s all about communication. Most of the time we do not need to have specific professional because if we communicate properly with the sales team, we define them the advantage of our products for the sector, no need for further action to develop a winning business strategy.
  • My business can only specialize in one type of client. This is totally false. With the right training our sales professionals can attack different types of companies and sectors.

Vertical business deals

However in a non-vertical organization (i.e. territories, by assigning accounts, etc.) you can achieve the same goals, probably more effectively.

It is very common for our products and solutions are able to solve problems of different sectors or vertical, the real question is how we communicate to our sales team and to what extent we understand their specific customer needs.

A probably more effective way to translate our products in attractive offers to specific vertical sectors is to develop commercial offers.

These deals must be based on the specific needs of the sector we attack, our capabilities and translate into value for those same needs.

In this way we can have our sales force specialized for example in geographic areas, resulting in a trade leverage by interaction with local agents, as media or different types of intermediaries, but also may be specialists in different sectors and thus power help those with specific vertical solutions for them.

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