Virtual Reality in The Real Estate Business

If there is business where virtual reality can be implemented, real estate is one of them. Not only because it is a business that generates value, but mainly because there are many companies and individual entrepreneurs active in this area. The sales process can be lengthy and sometimes the number of visits to a property until the property is sold, can be high. There are a number of aids that try to reduce these costs, but many of them are not easy to implement and when they are, the costs are considerable. Homes many times are hard to get a good feel for just from virtual reality.  People might get a lot of work done from Roofing USA that might not be easily seen in the virtual reality.

Virtual RealityCommonFloor Retina: Virtual Reality Glasses

The Retina CommonFloor is a virtual reality device, whose construction is based on card and that enables real estate bringing virtual reality to the masses. For most people, the search for the floor, villa, land or dream store is an arduous and sometimes strenuous task. If stabilization the travel, food and sometimes stays to places of interest, we find that we spend not only time but a lot of money in this selection process. The Retina CommonFloor is a virtual reality device that simplifies the entire process, providing potential virtual reality videos buyers of various properties. Thus they may make a first selection.

The CommonFloor Retina is no more than a virtual reality goggles. To get started, users have to make a download of an application for your smartphone and enter the same in the device with the application running. After only have to hold the glasses in your eyes and immerse in the representations of the properties that are on sale. You control the view with the head movement, thus permitting the display 360 of each of the portions or parts of the property. The aim is to provide a better understanding of space, layout and ambience something that the 2D simulations fail. The device is particularly useful for those who think moving to distant places or for those considering the possibility of buying a property that is under construction or on paper.

If we do a search in the market, we find that there are a number of virtual reality goggles for real estate deals. The most expensive to the most economic. There are several solutions in card which we highlight the virtual reality glasses of Google. Just the simple fact that Google provide spectacles in card for virtual reality applications, shows that the market is desirable. Virtual reality goggles can help in the property selection process eliminating unnecessary costs and occupancy time for both parties.

A business that offers this type of service can be very profitable. The costs to consider we can not forget, in addition to the card in glasses, the costs of creating the virtual reality videos and costs of accommodation of the apps in the Google Play stores and iTunes. To create virtual reality videos there are many systems that allow developing this type of medium. Who want to start out with a simple and economic system can shoot through the iPhone and use a virtual real device to your smartphone. Another option to consider is to use software that can do the join multiple pictures in wide format. This way you can create a virtual reality video at low cost and use it in presentations to potential customers.

Whatever the solution is important to consider all the costs involved, the size of the market and the value that it is prepared to pay.

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