What are the best and most effective free marketing techniques?

I turn now to provide you the best of free marketing techniques out there. On the internet, you will find thousands of video courses or paid handouts, that you may find very useful in carrying out your profession as a seller but I am here today to describe the best sales techniques and will do it for free.

Let’s start by saying that, in my view, it is not true that the sale is currently in crisis as well as it is often painted. Consumption in some areas still hold and, if well motivated, people spend. But you spends without a doubt much more carefully!

Indeed, consumers are only demanding, informed and better prepared. Surely, it is not so easy to influence them, but this is not necessarily a negative for us sellers. Yes that’s right, I’m not crazy, I think the fact that our potential customers are now so savvy can return to our advantage.

I’ll explain why I say this. With the crisis that rages the buyer becomes increasingly selective and cunning, so naturally among sellers creates a kind of natural selection.

For who is really capable can continues to sell even more than before, while those who are not up to probably change jobs, leaving more space to those who have invested in on itself, in vocational training and preparation. It may seem a cynical speech, but in reality it is not so, it is only pure market law.

Simply put the best go forward, others change jobs or invest money and time in training to update and catch up with the times. Why the advice that I can give you is just to be among those sellers who resist, or even improve your economic status. So you invest on yourself, attending sales courses, vocational training, prepared and take your market share!

Having said that, and wanting to return to the free marketing techniques we talked about, now we will enter more to the heart of.

Always remember that we are human beings and, as such, we are partly irrational beings. This means that each of us, at the time of purchase of any kind of product, makes choices dictated by emotions.

Both in the purchase of consumer goods, but in even more than luxury, emotion plays a major role in the choice of the customer. It is important, then, do immediately a good first impression on potential buyers. Usually we have already decided whether or not to purchase a product within a few minutes … the first, but we delude ourselves that it was our rational component to decide.

If you want to sell, you have to get to your customers head before conquering the heart, infecting them with your enthusiasm and your empathy. Therefore, devote considerable attention to this aspect of your preparation, paying particular attention to the way you dress, look, speak and introduce yourself.

Be friendly, never pushy or aggressive, look the customer in the eye but without giving the impression of staring disrespectfully, cure your diction, speak with a clear voice and strong, keep a nice and friendly smile.

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The successful conclusion of a negotiation is never casual, so you’ll learn the best sales techniques, that the methods used by professionals during the negotiations. Your ultimate goal is always just one, the closing of the deal by selling a product or service.

The sales techniques that you can use during a negotiation are numerous, and I would say to simplify that can be divided into two broad categories …

  • Those that are meant to understand the customer’s needs and then offer an appropriate solution.
  • Those that have as their purpose the sale itself, without worrying too much about the needs or the needs of the customer.

Remember, however, that learning these techniques should not be at the expense of your relationship of authenticity with the customer. Why learn them and use them in different situations.

However, ask always at the center of your attention the buyer’s personality with which you are by relating. Try to focus so exclusively decided at the close of the sale. You’ll have to try to get the customer’s attention, after which you will try to arouse his interest.

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To create this interest in who’s in front of you do not concentrate only on the product that you propose, but also on its undoubted benefits, the fact that the buyer will draw great benefits from this purchase. You have to show the way in which your product or service will meet the needs of your customer.

In the next, step you molestation the desire by consumers to own your product, to make you want to enjoy all the advantages offered by our proposal. Soon after beginning, the final stage of negotiation, the stage where you need to push the purchase purchaser, using a direct and convincing communication mode.

Also remember that a satisfied customer is a customer that will most likely end with you new business and, perhaps, will make good publicity, both you and your products. So keep in view satisfying the customer to find new potential buyers.

You will need to prepare very carefully all the questions put to the customer to understand its current situation, its demands, its difficulties, its needs. Do not forget to ask him to tell you every possible discomfort during the negotiations, so as to make him comfortable and make him feel safe.

It seeks to clarify the issues, so that you will be able to identify their needs. You must do everything possible to involve amplifying the negative situation as you can, before showing them the solutions you propose, in this way it will be easy for you to increase acquirement the desire to enjoy the possible solution to the problem that highlights.

Explicitly ask him to explain what are your main needs and only later what benefits can get by choosing one of the solutions that proportion. You must know that the best salespeople are often dwell on the customer’s problem and the inconvenience this causes him, and only later propose their solution, i.e. the product that manages to give a real benefit to the one who buys.

This sales technique, however, to work must be studied and prepared in detail, you will need to know to perfection the product and be ready to face any situation in which you’ll come to find you when illustrate the real benefits of your solutions.

Before asking any questions, be prepared eventual possible answer. As for lawyers is the rule of never asking a question that you do not know how to handle the response! Takes special care of your active listening skills and availability to offer your advice. Active listening means being able to maintain when negotiating a friendly and helpful attitude but decided at the same time and never servile.

In addition, you will need to stimulate an emotional involvement in the client. As for advice instead, I mean that you must always keep it as your main purpose, the buyer’s satisfaction, so at first tries to understand what are its main needs, and then offer him a solution to it.

To do this you will need to devote a lot of attention in the development and growth of your professionalism, learning to become a sort of to your client adviser, creating a relationship of trust that lasts.

There are many other techniques that you can learn in the courses of sale or documentation, and surely, you will be enormously useful in the conduct of your profession. However, I believe that you should treat your main character in the approach with the buyer and your readiness to conclude negotiations that are beneficial to both parties, not only for you or the company you represent.

For this reason I suggest you always prepare you better and to plan, without forget to use free marketing techniques that I just advised you.

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