What are the best real estate sales techniques?

Now it is useless to hide it, the housing market is collapsing is you cannot improvise anything to do business. For this reason, it just serves you acquire the real estate sales techniques robust and effective!

From the second half of the 90s and up to 2007/2008 the housing market went into a continuously growing demand and, consequently, there was a strong and steady increase in prices that caused the classic speculative bubble brick.

Given the growing demand for real estate a lot of door to door salesmen, precarious and even long-term unemployed have been launched in the sale of real estate to make money “easy.” In every city street they sprouted like mushrooms in franchise estate agents and, in practice, they were all there waiting to find the customer to earn a hefty contract.

However, even then many sellers of real estate remained high and dry as it was people who improvised an expert of real estate and the real estate market (but up to a week before it was in line in front of the employment office), not to say that it was also damage that put a bad light on the whole category.

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Today it has gotten worse! The bursting of the housing bubble and its collapse in sales, boosted by the economic crisis that is gripping our nation, have made it clear to many that buy and / or invest in a property is no longer as convenient as it once.

That said this set of facts, in practice, banged off the market 90% of estate agents!

In practice, all the various improvised, mediocre sellers recycled from other industries, as well as sellers though good but out of step with the times are left with no income at a time when it is difficult to recycle in any other sector.

Those who are saved are only those agents who have excellent sales techniques and real estate have realized that in order to stay in the market and make profits, you need to update and improve continuously!

But do not worry. This is precisely the beauty of doing the real estate agent … But how! Did not you say that 90% of agents have lost their jobs and this is the beauty? Yes, precisely that is the beauty in terms of helping to work harder the real professionals.

Gave himself that 90% of employees have lost their jobs to manifest incompetence, but the market has fallen by only 20/30%, this means that anyone who knows how to work ended up with a business potential increase of 600/700%. That is, he has multiplied its turnover six or seven times!

Statistics aside, today I want to give some advice to better sell the property. Therefore, if you’re really motivated, read very carefully what I say later, because I have often seen it done also in craft fundamental blunders.

How to recognize a real buyer?

The typical inexperienced agent’s mistake is to confuse a simple curious from a person really interested in buying. Both run to see the houses, but only the true buyer gives you a chance to earn while others will make you almost certainly lose time …

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Here are some things you need to evaluate to see if it is a potential customer …

– The purchaser is active and cooperates asking questions and inform you on the details? If the information that you have to ask the extract under torture, you’re almost certainly in the presence of a time waster. Only those who have to actually buy is very attentive to detail.

– It is alone or in company? In most cases, buyer is married or is getting married and then turn in pairs. If it turns itself may be a single buying home but, much more easily is a curious that has to buy the house in a few years and is now in the phase “we see the current climate …”.

– The customer is in line with the property you want to visit? In practice, he said in a nutshell, if you want to be accompanied in a cottage-area by a million dollars to rise, he looks like a house from one to one million dollars? It ‘true that often looks can be deceiving, but if you add apparently one of the previous points, you’re almost certainly in the presence of an idler.

– Were you able to know the buyer economic entity? Did she immediately said (perhaps demonstrating it), or it seems that the economic situation is shrouded in a thick fog and mystery? If one looks for the house of a certain range of values, then it is very likely that immediately tell you that work is and how it’s going to pay for it (mortgage to 20 years, 30 years, etc.). If you do not mean anything to you it is because, probably, is not within his reach.

– The bank gave a favorable opinion to the mortgage? Often they talk to people interested, but have not yet spoken with the bank to see if they can or not to open a mortgage. It would be good practice that the customer should take place before a trip to the bank to ask if with its parameters can be accessed or not to mortgages. Lose less time, and he will not bother you!

– You must first sell his current home to buy the new one? This is a classic. The problem of course is not in the fact that sells an old house to buy another, but in the real possibility that it can do. Currency if the house is easy to sell and most importantly, it’s asking the right. Otherwise, you see yourself embroiled in a situation that will remain locked for years!

In addition to the screening of wasters, it is good practice to check the properties that you have to sell. People are strange and sometimes acts in an absurd way. Here’s what you have to keep in mind if you want to be able to work profitably:

– Excessive economic Requests. People have the mistaken belief that a property cannot depreciate, indeed, it believes that it should take for value over time force. Do not go into details about how it is convinced of this, the problem is that it is a totally false and misleading beliefs …

So often, you find themselves making economic demands totally out of the market. When you point out that at that price never sell, they tell you it is only 10% more than when I bought it myself! Too bad that, in the meantime, perhaps in the area there was a collapse in the value … In these cases, or do the miracle and you can convince the owner of the property or leave it up to competition, because so much will make you only lose time.

– House with many problems unresolved. Another of the typical problems that make you lose time is to sell a house looking neglected. Walls maybe a little musty, doors with peeling paint, locked shutters, things that squeak and so on. Not to mention the house dirty and abundant soot around.

Highly recommended to those who want to sell house to give him a settled, to the good, to greatly increase the chances of placement. Attention to detail is important because with the collapse of sales people gather to choose among many properties, often similar, and any foolishness can tip the choice to other shores.

To brush up on the walls with a white rose does not cost much. If the owner has a little manual skills can do it with a little of DIY; otherwise I suggest you look for a friend or relative of unemployed to assign these jobs to pay little and propose it to the owner.

For one pass of white in a room, a more than 100 dollar guy does not ask you, but your chances of selling the property increases significantly. The same applies to accommodate the power sockets (type plates with crooked, broken or poorly secured), ports to which a little oil must be put in the hinges or a coat of paint, dust blocked blinds, and so on.

Then, a lovely pass to the ground cloth and a bit of scented bleach in the bathroom does not hurt. The last two operations are free, but they do see the house as a living and care. Instead, the first that I have indicated, in the worst case, they can cost a thousand dollars. Without these precautions, the other properties pass in front and at the end you are forced to go down on the price.

Too customized homes. One thing that often happens to me is to see houses with very strong colors. People tend to personalize their own home and a purple wall lit, orange or lemon yellow not necessarily please everyone. Statistically you appeal to one in a hundred customers. Council? A beautiful white and increase the chances of selling it at least 10 times!

OK, I’ll stop here for today. Maybe what I said may seem obvious or superfluous, but it’s not what you know when I see colleagues sellers around.

Obviously, the number of real estate sales techniques you will dramatically increase your sales. However, if you do not ask the right attention to the details above, you will not reach the goal even with the best of real estate sales techniques in the world. I warned you!

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