When a Robot is the best machine for Bending.

One of the funniest and most memorable creations of the writer and animator Matt Groening is the robot Bender. The character is one of the principal players in his homage, and tongue in cheek swipe, to Science Fiction Futurama. In the series Bender is a particularly bad character influence on the main hero Fry a pizza delivery man who wakes up centuries into the future to find that his main job is still a delivery man albeit now in outer space for his Uncle the genius but Mad Professor Fransworth. Whilst we maybe decades away from Robots being able to communicate and work in industry like Bender we can rely on Bending Machines like those from https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/euromac/bending-machines/ to do the job.

Bender is a rebel. In the first episode he and Fry decide that they are not going to just accept the jobs that society wants to give them so they go on the run, only to find that they really would like to be delivery men. The character is a combination of the worst aspects of Homer and Bart from the Simpsons combined. He is a liar, a cheat and a voracious gambler. He also consumes huge amounts of alcohol and is very fond of a cigar. Suffice to say, Fry loves him dearly and he remains his best friend.

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Some of his worst excess are his antics on the Moon where he manages to sleep with a variety of fembots including the humongous Crushinator who saves his life before her pseudo Dad can blow his head off with a Lazer blunderbuss. Dang it all Crushinator, whyd you stop me he cries I LOVE HIM PA! comes the electronic voice in answer. Benders amorous approach saves the lives of Fry and Zapp Brannigan from space Amazons when he manages to seduce the Fembot that is controlling the Femputer that runs the planet. Yeah, if she calls Im not in! he responds when Fry says what’s he going to do about her.

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His worst escapade by far is when he floats off into space and attracts some organic material on his backside. This develops into a society, as they use him as a planet,and praise him as a God calling him Metal Lord. They turn all their food production over to making him beer or Lordweiser as they call it. They then get into an argument with another society and destroy each other in a Nuclear war. Oh, that tickles! he says as the mini megatons start to explode.

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