Where to invest? Tips for those who do not know what to do!

Obviously where to invest the money changes, very heavily, depending on the type of investor you are. I assume that you probably are not a speculator, otherwise you would not be here reading my advice, then I will give you good for the investor and the average saver.

Deposit account

A timeless classic. The booklet provides postal returns content but constant; why is the favorite by elderly people or those who create a deposit of money to their children.

Investment Tips
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Of course, with interests that do not easily outweigh the 3% is not going away, so you can not be allocated to this instrument over the 35/40% of your investment portfolio.

An excellent alternative is to use the account deposit banking. All banks, by now, they have one with interests ranging from 3 to 4%. In many ways it can be an alternative convenient, since you can easily deposit and withdraw with a simple online giro. Apply, however, the same considerations of the booklet post!

Use insurance

Another great thing you can do is to use appropriate insurance coverage. They come in various forms: those on the person, those going from the casualty insurance capital.

Generally, I always suggest you to make insurance on themselves and other members of their household. In addition, it should always cover claims from the real estate, works of art and what is work-related.

In addition, insurers are valuable because, combined with investment funds, turn them in the eyes of jurisdiction in savings funds. This allows you to get the impregnability and inseparability capital, very important at a protective horizon.

Investing in the stock market or in real estate?

We do not recommend investing in real estate for the future and, in any case, not invest long-term strategy even with actions.

The particular economic situation that has arisen will significantly depress the brick, and will not allow variational to get your classic momentum over time. This will force him, probably, to rebound within a range of prices, in a very long period of sideways trend.


Always about where to invest at this point is much better instead to focus on a good investment in raw materials (so-called commodities).

Given the constant development of emerging countries in the future, there is a growing consumption of oil, natural gas, copper, aluminum, that will constantly push up the price.

Thus, diversification of the securities portfolio, which takes into account to include in a bit of raw materials, is strongly recommended.

Diamonds and precious stones

Lately, I have noticed some interest from people, investing in diamonds. This is because they are considered a safe haven, the price stable and easily storable.

Apart from the fact that it takes considerable preparation in the field, which have few, diamond, as goes the famous spot is forever … in the sense that, if you then want to resell, bell horse that grass grows!

Therefore, I do not recommend in a portfolio from a saver or investor to medium, insert dimensions in diamonds.

This type of investment is good for those who can afford to wait even years and years before reselling and, in any case, you do it with a span of time no less than twenty years.

Energy saving

Instead, what you should do, but unfortunately few it does, is to invest in energy savings!

If you really want to go alternative, then spend a bit of money in your house to make it energy efficient. To get started just recently: change light bulbs with low consumption ones, gradually replace appliances with those of class, well insulated doors and windows, insulate the walls, etc.

If you want to save at most, can change the heating with a floor version, powered by solar panels. The investment can vary greatly from case to case, however, considering the future increase in energy costs, certainly will prove to be a winning move that will guarantee return on investment very attractive.

With this brief article I tried to give you some useful ideas on where to invest and I hope I have given you hints for you interesting.

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