Why invest in a park home?

Whether youre a couple, a family or an individual, park homes offer a number of advantages. You might be wanting to downsize, or be looking for a first step on the property ladder. Whatever your reason for buying, park homes offer an affordable and comfortable alternative to more traditional properties.

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Whats more, residential parks offer a great community feel with a quality of life that can be hard to find elsewhere.


One of the prime reasons that people consider park homes is affordability. Costs can be a lot lower than a similarly sized house or apartment. You also have the advantage that many of these homes are sited in attractive locations where more traditional properties would be a lot more expensive.

Of course, there will be some rules that you have to follow, but these help to maintain the quality of the development. If you are downsizing from another property, then buying a park home can leave you with a sizeable chunk of equity left over to spend on other things.

Maintenance costs on Gloucester park homes, from specialists like http://www.parkhomelife.com/, are lower too. The homes are built to a high standard, with a choice of different finishes, all of which are designed for a long, low maintenance life. Energy efficiency is built in too, with good insulation, which means your home costs less to heat. And, of course, youll pay less in council tax.

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Community life

Because park homes are set in developments, usually in rural areas, they offer a great quality of life. Most sites have age restrictions on buyers, so you tend to get communities of similar residents, leading to a good community spirit.

Because communities are gated and only accessible by residents, theres also a greater feeling of security. You can lock up your home and go on holiday, safe in the knowledge that neighbours and park managers will keep an eye on it while youre away.

Space between homes gives a feeling of privacy. Units sometimes have a small private garden, but there are also often shared gardens that further enhance the community feel and bring residents together.

All in all, park homes have a lot to offer and its easy to see why more people are starting to choose them instead of other forms of property.

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