Worldwide DAB Receiver Sales Pass 50 Million Mark

According to the latest figures provided by WorldDAB, the international industry forum for DAB digital radio, more than 53 million DAB receivers (including vehicle line-fit) have been sold worldwide.

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Coverage shows significant increases for markets in Europe and Asia Pacific in 2016. Norway is currently at an impressive 99.7 per cent of population coverage and Switzerland at 99.5 per cent, with Denmark, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands at 98, 97, 96, and 95 per cent respectively.

Emerging Markets

For the first time, WorldDAB analysed details from emerging markets like Belgium, which is expected to provide 99 per cent of the population with DAB services this year. Switzerland has had sales increase to 2.8 million, with a digital switchover taking place in 2020. Austrian regulator RTR has announced 4 million Euros in funding for the launch of DAB services.

Over 3 million receivers have been sold in Australia, with new services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart due this year. Thailand has announced the commencement of a licencing process for new DAB services for 2018.

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Norway has had a huge impact on DAB sales and reach, with sales reaching 3.9 million in 2016. The same year saw a 35 per cent increase in new cars sold with DAB installed.

More than 8 million receivers have been sold in Germany, with an impressive 96 per cent population coverage and 98 per cent of German road networks. Almost 1 million DAB receivers have been sold in Italy and 581,000 have been sold in The Netherlands.


The UK boasts total receiver sales of 31.7 million. According to figures released by Rajar 57 per cent of the UK population own a DAB receiver, and ownership numbers increase each year.

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There has also been further growth in DAB being installed as standard in new cars, with the UK leading the way.

The statistics show that DAB continues to go from strength to strength, and as the next wave of digital radio in emerging markets gathers momentum, the future is digital.

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